My plate wall

Some plates are too nice to eat off. I had really cute plates that I picked up and wanted to display. I don’t have a display cabinet. So, I decided to hang my favorite plates on the wall.

My Plate wall

Arrange your plate layout on the floor. Decide how many plates you want to hang on the wall. I chose really brightly colored plates.

You can trace the plates onto paper cut them out and stick them on the wall to see the layout.

Choose your design

I used plate hangers I got in my local hardware. They are claw like and wrap around the plate. You can also but stick on hooks if you don’t like these.

A plate wall is an inexpensive creative way to display your plates. A lot of my plates are from charily shops. I have been given a lot of plates as gifts that are too nice to be in a cupboard.

Plate Hanger