Marble Table

Faux Marble Coffee Table

I always say paint can work miracles. Lets face it we all can’t afford a marble table but you can fake it.

I can show you how to achieve a marble look using a clever painting technique. While this project look difficult is easy to do. You just need patience and the right equipment.

I painted a hall table I had. I wanted to the top of it faux marble. Of course as I am a colour lover I painted it bubblegum pink and yellow. I added pom pom handles to finish t off. But my favorite is the faux marble top.


Faux Marble Table Top Tools and Materials

  1. White paint. One primer and one for you top coat finish.
  2. Black paint satin finish
  3. Clear water base varnish
  4. Small paint roller
  5. Light grain sandpaper
  6. large synthetic paintbrush for blending
  7. Fine paint brush
  8. Dry cloth

I started off by lightly sanding the top of my table. I applied two coats of primer. When this dries apply your white top coat.

Leave to dry and using you fine tip brush. Paint a vein. I googled images of marble and tried to copy the marble design with my paintbrush.

After you have painted the fine veins use your large synthetic dry brush and blend in the paint. Put good pressure on the brush. I added some white paint and blended it around the veins. This technique take practice. Don’t worry if you make a mistake you can easily paint over it and try again. The first time I did this I had to re-paint my table and start again.

Faux Marble Technique

When you are happy with your faux marble table. Apply two coats of water base clear varnish. This will give it a glossy appearance and will look like real marble.

My finished faux marble table

Create the look of marble at a fraction of the cost with a faux-finishing technique. Choose your colors based on the type of marble you wish to recreate, such as white, black and gray for a basic white marble or a tan, pink and white combination for a different variation. Use faux marbling techniques to create a “fantasy” marble, using unnatural marble colors such as indigo or deep green. You don’t always have to choose black and white paint. Once you get this technique you can try different colors and designs.

Faux Marble top table