DIY wooden legs for basket planter

I really look after my house plants. I water them every week and take pride in how healthy and shiny they look. I decided to make legs for a few basket planters I have punch needled. * SEE HOW TO PUNCH NEEDLE BASKETS HERE

DIY wooden legs for your planter

I saw these wooden DIY wooden legs on baskets but the are quite expensive to buy. So I decided to use a wooden brush handle. I paid €4 for a brush handle in my local hardware shop.

My planters need sexy legs

For this little DIY you will need:

* A wooden brush handle

* A mitre block and saw

* Corner plate hinges and screws

* A phillips head screw driver

* A tape measure/ruler

You will need

I used these corner plate hinges to put inside the basket to support the wooden legs.

Side plate hinge

Start by cutting the wood. I measured 9 inches for my legs. It’s up to you what size you want. For smaller baskets I would use a smaller size leg.

Sexy legs are cut

After I cut the wooden legs I painted them. Using masking tape I painted a yellow stripe. You can paint any design you want onto the wooden legs.

Use masking tape to get the perfect stripe
Paint the legs

Using a small drill bit . Drill a hole into the wood.

Drill a small hole in the top of the wood

Place the screw and the hinge inside the basket and screw on each leg. I used a phillips head screw driver. I found this part hard as I don’t have great upper body strength. I got my husband to do this for me.

Place three hinges inside the basket

Place the hinges where you want the wooden legs to go. I used two screws in each hinge.

Before and After

These floor tiles are painted/stencilled. See how I painted my floor tiles here:

I really enjoyed this DIY. If I do it again. I will make smaller size legs and use a smaller size basket.